Video Message from SCSC

5 Questions. 5 Businesses. One Planet. Our Home.

They answered.  We listened.

Thank you to Lite Foot Company, Bee Green Pest Solutions, Center PARC Credit Union, Hilton Head Solar and Roofing and Vintage Vortex.  

Our Coalition

SCSC’s commitment to “Make Earth Day Every Day,” will extend our educational reach to numerous, diverse audiences, and inspire sustainable action in our communities throughout the entire year!

A few of programs and initiatives that our Coalition members are defining and designing along with Our Team, include, but are not limited to:


Annual Community Calendar on website and active social media


Workshops and events with community organizations


Make Earth Day Every Day” 

SCSC is a proud to be a member of the The Planetary Health Alliance is a consortium of over 240 universities, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, and government entities from around the world committed to understanding and addressing global environmental change and its health impacts.

Our Programs

Engaging in a creative expression activity is a unique experience for a person no matter how old or young – and has nothing to do with “artistic talent.” Creative activities with a focus and purpose on what you think and feel about your current situation and future aspirations can help you to gain deeper personal awareness leading you to harness motivation and commitment to take that best next step for your life and our one home: Planet Earth.

Community Art Project

Creative Resiliency

Award Program   


The Savannah Chatham Sustainability Coalition believes that Creative Expression is a vital force in our journey to planetary health and equal quality of life for all now, and for future generations — we believe that without it we will not regenerate our focus and energies enough to lead us to our Sustainability 2035 and 2050 goals.


It’s that important – which is why we are starting here!   

Have a suggestion or want to lead an SCSC “Creative Expression” activity?

Reach out to us!

Video Message from City of Savannah

Nick Deffley, Director of Department of Sustainability


April 2021

Letter of Support from City

Community Calendar

Community Calendar is being updated.  Be sure to check out the events during April 2021.   


Over 12 businesses and 35 environmental non-profits organizations collaborated for Savannah Chatham Sustainability Coalition’s campaign to Make Earth Day Every Day throughout the entire month of April!

Over 60 events [+20 virtual +40 in person] were held as a result of our new online calendar including nine community engagement art pop ups.

During the live event, we didn’t see the number watching go above 10, but it fluctuated meaning different people came on and off throughout the premiere.

In terms of total video views:
Alison’s edition (which has been out since 13 Apr) has 145 views.

Kim’s edition (which has been out since 20 Apr) has 335 views.”

That is 480 people (at least) viewing, which is a LOT more people than came to our tent in Forsyth Park a few years ago to hear our fish guy give a little talk and demonstration! I think this was a good use of Gray’s Reef staff time, and I feel sure our superintendent will agree.


Michelle Riley

Communications and Public Outreach, Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary

Join Us




We are so excited to extend the invitation to join the Savannah Chatham Sustainability Coalition (SCSC) in a year- round commitment to Make Earth Day Every Daybetween June 2021 and June 2022! The founders of SCSC have decided to play an ongoing role as a multi-stakeholder Coalition to strengthen the environmental network in our community by taking action to increase awareness and engagement in support of the City of Savannah’s 100% Savannah Clean Energy initiative, as well as other sustainability and nature preservation initiatives.


Thank you for hosting that intimate get together last night! It was great to have a humble discussion about what we all have as goals in mind for the planet and our business ventures!

Shannon McMasters
Regional Representative | Hilton Head Solar & Roofing

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