Savannah Chatham Sustainability Coalition (SCSC) vision is to create a more sustainable community through education, engagement and outreach.

Savannah Chatham Sustainability Coalition (SCSC) champions the integration of sustainability principles by raising awareness through the Earth Day Savannah, reducing single use plastic pollution and connecting businesses with sustainable resources.

SCSC Goals:

  • To grow and expand the Earth Day Savannah
  • To inspire and educate the people in our communities to be good stewards of the Earth
  • To support and collaborate with local government, businesses, creative community and organizations with environmental, social, health, and economic projects.

Sponsorships and donations to SCSC in support of its events and programming will be tax deductible for all persons and businesses participating.

Savannah Chatham Sustainability Coalition Team

Joanne Morton , Executive Director and Creative Expression Strategist

Lisa Galloway Goodman,   Project Director and Creative Brand Manager

Phone: 404-862-6475


Persons, businesses, or organizations wishing to partner with SCSC through volunteering, sponsorships, or programming are always welcome and are encouraged to contact SCSC.