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Engaging in a creative expression activity is a unique experience for a person no matter how old or young – and has nothing to do with “artistic talent.” Creative activities with a focus and purpose on what you think and feel about your current situation and future aspirations can help you to gain deeper personal awareness leading you to harness motivation and commitment to take that best next step for your life and our one home: Planet Earth.

Community Art Project

Creative Resiliency

Award Program   


The Savannah Chatham Sustainability Coalition believes that Creative Expression is a vital force in our journey to planetary health and equal quality of life for all now, and for future generations — we believe that without it we will not regenerate our focus and energies enough to lead us to our Sustainability 2035 and 2050 goals.


It’s that important – which is why we are starting here!   

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Video Message from City of Savannah

Nick Deffley, Director of Department of Sustainability


April 2021

Letter of Support from City