Community Calendar

Community Calendar is being updated.  Be sure to check out the events during April 2021.   


Over 12 businesses and 35 environmental non-profits organizations collaborated for Savannah Chatham Sustainability Coalition’s campaign to Make Earth Day Every Day throughout the entire month of April!

Over 60 events [+20 virtual +40 in person] were held as a result of our new online calendar including nine community engagement art pop ups.

During the live event, we didn’t see the number watching go above 10, but it fluctuated meaning different people came on and off throughout the premiere.

In terms of total video views:
Alison’s edition (which has been out since 13 Apr) has 145 views.

Kim’s edition (which has been out since 20 Apr) has 335 views.”

That is 480 people (at least) viewing, which is a LOT more people than came to our tent in Forsyth Park a few years ago to hear our fish guy give a little talk and demonstration! I think this was a good use of Gray’s Reef staff time, and I feel sure our superintendent will agree.


Michelle Riley

Communications and Public Outreach, Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary