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We are so excited to extend the invitation to join the Savannah Chatham Sustainability Coalition (SCSC) in a year-round commitment to Make Earth Day Every Daybetween June 2021 and June 2022! The founders of SCSC have decided to play an ongoing role as a multi-stakeholder Coalition to strengthen the environmental network in our community by taking action to increase awareness and engagement in support of the City of Savannah’s 100% Savannah Clean Energy initiative, as well as other sustainability and nature preservation initiatives.

Earth Day Savannah, the City’s largest environmental outreach event for the past 19 years, will continue to be a project of SCSC. This year, due to the pandemic, the SCSC partnered with over 20 local nonprofits and 12 businesses to co-coordinate and publicize “Earth Day Savannah Month.”

This month-long celebration, which included an online calendar of events, was a successful, safe way for businesses and environmental nonprofits to connect with the public and strengthen the environmental network in our community. Moving forward, Earth Day Savannah will continue to evolve as the largest educational event in conjunction with Earth Day in Georgia.

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