Sponsorship Oppportunities

2019 Savannah Earth Day Sponsorship Opportunities

Our goal for the 2019 Savannah Earth Day Festival is to promote the protection of endangered species in the State of Georgia.  All of our plants and animals have value and are part of the web of life. Our lives and theirs are linked together inextricably — without them, our own species might not survive.

We aim to implement projects and campaigns in order to raise awareness and create inspirational policies to protect these iconic specie. We want to inform individuals about sustainable actions and behavioral changes to protect their ecosystems.

Why Sponsor the 2019 Savannah Earth Day Festival?

Be discovered by thousands of local residents who will attend this event and learn the importance of being local and being green/sustainable. This is one of Savannah’s largest family-friendly events to promote local businesses and green/sustainable companies.

Earth Day is the most important event of the year for any company or organization wanting to showcase green/sustainable programs and products, and connect with the exploding population of green consumers.  We are very grateful for our returning sponsors over these past few years.

Artwork by Tate Ellington Illustrations

Sponsorship Opportunities

Each of our 2019 Sponsorship Levels represents a Georgia endangered species.   To learn more about being a 2019 Savannah Earth Day Sponsor,  please contact Lisa Goodman at 404-862-6475 or email earthdaysavannah@gmail.com or click here.

Sponsor Info

North Atlantic Right Whale

Title Sponsor

West Indian Manatee

Premiere Sponsor

Red-Cockaded Woodpecker

Featured Sponsor

Loggerhead Turtle

Core Sponsor

Sponsorship Opportunities

For more information contact Lisa Goodman at 404-862-6475 or click button.

Sponsor Info