Exhibitor & Vendor Setup Instructions

Thank you for participating in The 2017 SavannahEarth Day Festival!


JOANNE MORTON : 917-676-4280

RENE TERAN : 501-6502-936



Forsyth Park is located at the corner of Bull St. and Park Ave.

This year, the Festival will be set up closer to the Bandshell and the Visitor’s Center.

Exhibitors and Vendors Check-In is in the parking lot on Park Street, near the tennis courts.   Just like the previous years.

*****There is No Access for vendors or exhibitors at the Visitor’s Center parking lot on Drayton*****



Setup will begin as early as 8:00am on Saturday, April 15th.

We recommend coming as early as possible to set up.

All exhibitors and vendors must be completely setup by 10:30am.

The festival officially begins at 11:00am, but the park is open to the public, so often people will start coming up to your tent well before then.

We ask that all exhibitors and vendors  DO NOT break down their exhibits until 4pm.

The festival is officially over at 4pm.




If you do not have a significant amount of items to unload, feel free to find your own parking. You can then bring your own materials in and proceed to the check in table, located near the tennis court and parking lot, across from Brighter Day and Sentient Bean on Park Ave.


If you have a significant amount of items to unload, please drive into the South Parking lot, located on Park Ave., directly across from The Sentient Bean Coffee Shop.

You will be given the opportunity to unload your materials and have volunteers assist you. You will be asked to completely unload your materials first, then proceed to park your car. Volunteers will be on hand to watch your materials while you park.

After parking, you can then return to claim your materials and volunteers will be on hand to assist you with completing your check-in and finding your tent.



After you have parked, please visit the Check-In table. At check-in, you can request any additional assistance with moving your materials and learn more about the location of the tent for you to set up.

We will have volunteers & golf carts with trailers to assist you in transporting your materials.

We only have a limited number of volunteers available. Please only request assistance if it is absolutely necessary.

There will reserved tents for sponsors and those who have rented tents.  Other spaces will be determined on a first come, first serve basis. But you MUST still check in first, before proceeding to festival area.   

Please note: There are still tents, tables and chairs to rent – please let us know by Tuesday, April 11 if you need to rent any of these.   People who rent tents will have their tents set up and reserved for them.

If you have requested chairs or tables, you will be directed on where to pick them up.  If you had not already previously requested any additional chairs, the remaining available chairs will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.  We will not have any additional tables.

AGAIN, All exhibitors and vendors must be completely set up by 10:30am.



LOST & FOUND will be located at any information tent.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL OR POLICE ASSISTANCE can also be requested at any info tent.



We ask that all exhibitors and vendors DO NOT break down their exhibits until 4pm.

Please be sure to clean your entire area of any litter before leaving.

DO NOT breakdown or remove any of the provided tents.  Please take rented chairs and tables to the area where you picked them up.

Please dispose of all recyclable materials in the recycling bins provided.

Please be sure to completely remove all items from your area.

If you need assistance with breakdown of your area or loading of your vehicle, please notify any of the information tents or flag down any of the golf carts. We will not be able to provide assistance with the moving of materials until 4pm.


Thank you all for your support!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us  at 912-662-5162

Email: joanne@wellfedsavannah.com /  info@massiveexperience.com

We look forward to seeing you soon!     

– The Entire Savannah Earth Day Festival Family


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