E-Waste Collection : 2018

E-waste recycling will be provided by 

Junkluggers of the Coast Empire

They  will be accepting most home electronics, including computers, televisions, monitors, printers, fax machines, small household appliances, cell phones FREE of charge.

DROP OFF at the corner of Bull Street and Park Avenue.  Street will be closed and there will not be parking near the drop off location.  Look for volunteers to assist with the collection. 

CRT devices (TV’s and Monitors) will also be accepted however there will be a $10 charge for each CRT monitors, $25 charge for each CRT TVs and $40 charge for each large projection or wooden console and Plasma TVs because of the high cost to recycle these devices.

For a detailed list of items accepted, please go to:  www.imselectronics.com/electronics-recycling/accepted-materials/
Unaccepted materials include items containing biohazards, hazardous waste, freon, or liquids of any type, smoke detectors, or radioactive materials.
Our luggers sort everything we put on the truck for donations, recycling, and disposal, with the landfill always being the last stop for any items removed

When a customer calls The Junkluggers, they can rest assured knowing that we will stick to our eco-friendly pledge to protect the planet one piece of junk at a time. We do our very best to recycle or donate as much of what we lug away from customers space as possible, making sure to provide them with a tax-deductible receipt for anything we are able to donate on their behalf.