2019 Earth Day Workshops



The Benefits Of Eating Lower In The Energy Pyramid

Presented by Daniel Cox

My exhibit will promote plant-based eating through a discussion of energy pyramids (a.k.a. trophic pyramids or ecological pyramids). All humans must consume biomatter in order to acquire the energy necessary to live. What we choose to consume directly affects the number of humans that the finite amount of energy on this planet can support. If the human race would like to feed as many of its members with the smallest amount of wasted resources (energy and otherwise), then a completely plant-based diet is the obvious choice for all humans. Doctors agree that a plant-based diet is no less healthy than an omnivorous one, so no one would be required to sacrifice their own health for the sake of supporting others. There are also no sacrifices where flavor is concerned since there are countless vegan dishes that are delicious. And, of course, the animals that most humans currently demand to be raised for food wouldn’t have to harmed in any way by human hands.


50 Ways to Save the Planet without Leaving your Kitchen

Presented by Chef Amber of Clean Cuisine

Practical (and often small) changes that anyone can make to create a healthier body and a cleaner environment, including ideas for shopping smarter, eating better, and handling waste as ethically as possible.


Fungi Fanatic: So Much More Than Hype

Presented by Robert Kiser of C-Port Mushrooms

What’s the deal with mushrooms? Here attendees will learn about fungi: from their basic biology to their nutritional quality and even applications with composting, biorestoration, and emerging biotechnology. Come learn what fungi can do for you and the environment!


Sacred Herbs and Foods for Sexual Health

Presented by Jasmine Jones of JuicyRoot LLC

Often times sex is taboo. These brings forth ignorance regarding sexual health. JuicyRoot celebrates healthy hormonal balances and strong libidos because we know that this means an overall healthy life! We want to take the shame from sexual vitality and teach out community how to balance their sexual and womb health by eating certain sacred herbs and foods!



DIY Composting for Households and Apartments

Presented by Stephen Langford of Victory Gardens

If you’re at all eco-conscious, it’s always time to take a cold, hard look into the garbage can.  This workshop will offer tips on how to compost at home and in apartments! Landfills are expensive, harmful, and they are filling up fast! You may have heard that composting may not smell ~great~, but if done properly, there is almost no odor at all and can be done without your neighbors – or maybe more appropriately, your significant other – even knowing!  


Beneficial Bugs & Environmentally Responsible Pest Management

Presented by Matt Rippetoe of Truly Nolan

We, as a society, wouldn’t be here without insects, however many of us would have had much longer lives if it wasn’t for their presence. “Bugs” play a very important role in who we are, how we live, and how we got here, though they can also pose a significant threat to our wellbeing. In this workshop we will explore how the occasional pest may be an important part of our ecosystem and, when action is necessary, the environmentally responsible methods to manage them.


Grow Your Own Food Year-Round with Savannah Hydroponics and Organics

Presented by Andrew Morris of Savannah Hydroponics & Organics

A discussion about the importance of healthy, home-grown food and how you can achieve it. Participants of all skill levels will learn tips on how to grow a garden in any season. Let us demystify the science behind different growing techniques including hydroponic and organic methods.


Creative upcycling – your tips & tricks to wasting less food & having more fun in the kitchen!  

Presented by Chelsea Dye of Blend Press Wellness


Are you tossing food on a regular basis  because you just don’t know how to use the last of an ingredient or dish?  Do you have fresh ingredients that you don’t Know how to use before they go bad?   Are you stuck in a rut of eating the same meal at dinner three nights in a row?

Then this is for you!    Learn some new ways to Repurpose & enjoy your leftovers & renants to create a healthier, Less waste kitchen.   Plus this workshop will allow you to discover how add more nutrition to you upcycled food so you can get more body and mind benefit!  





Presented by Paulita Bennett-Martin of Oceana

Drilling Presentation

Don’t Drill GA is an open network of organizations, businesses, and citizens who work to protect our oceans and coastal way of life from the expansion of offshore drilling and seismic testing. Come learn about what has been happening and how you can take action to protect our future.

Speakers will include One Hundred Miles, and Oceana.


Storm Water Stewardship Efforts in Chatham County

Presented by Angela Bliss of the Chatham County Department of Engineering

Chatham County residents in all municipalities face issues with storm water quality and quantity. This workshop will provide interactive opportunities for participants to learn ways in which we can work together to improve issues with flooding or habitat pollution from storm water issues.


Our Gentle Giants

Presented by Paulita Bennett-Martin of Oceana

Come out and learn about the status of North Atlantic Right Whales and why Coastal Georgia is such a special place for the future of this majestic creature.

Speakers will include Cathy Sakas of Grays Reef National Marine Sanctuary Foundation,


Dispelling the Fear of Reptiles!

Presented by Matthew Warner

The fear of reptiles is very common and very real for many people even though their fear may be unfounded. Historically snakes have been depicted as evil creatures and loathed as a result. Let’s take a closer look at these marvelous creatures.



CBD Oil Health Lecture

Presented by Peter Brodhead of Brighter Day Natural Foods

CBD – What is CBD – Hemp Oil derived from the stalk and flower of the hemp plant? How does it work?  Why is it the hottest product in natural health?

In this workshop Peter Brodhead – Certified Nutritionist and Co-Owner of Brighter Day Natural Foods Market with his 40+ years of knowledge will help clarify understanding the complexity of CBD – and why it may benefit so many different body systems. He will explain the numerous constituents of Hemp Oil one of them being CBD; How these constituents interact with numerous receptors in the cells; The types of products on the market – how to get the greatest benefit from using Hemp Oil; How to discern a quality CBD product from a poor quality product; Drug testing and CBD and the most up to date info on CBD oil.


The A to Zs on EVs

Presented by Kylie Morgan of Plug in America

Adoption of electric vehicles are growing in Georgia and throughout the country. Indeed, the future of transportation is electric! But what makes and models of EVs are available to Georgians today? How do you charge an EV? Do you need to switch to an EV charging rate with your utility? This workshop will look at the 101 on the EV market and answer questions relating to consumer purchase, market growth and supportive policies in Georgia needed to encourage further adoption.


Why Trees?

Presented by Jake Henry of Savannah Tree Foundation

Trees are an integral part of our urban environment, and they benefit us in more ways than we think! Learn about the many ways that trees benefit us and the environment around us.

3:30PM: More Valuable than Gold?

Presented by Noel Ingram

This workshop will focus on the plight of the rhino.  Learn about the critically endangered rhino, poaching, and the controversy surrounding the rhino horn trade.  Also, hear about what people are doing on the front lines to fight the war to save this gentle giant and their ecosystem.  



12:00 – 2:00pm

Anthropocene Art Exhibit

Presented by Kathy Varadi

This workshop will promote the upcoming “Anthropocene 2019”, a visual art exhibit that comments on how humans have changed the earth’s environment. Artists respond to the profound effect that human endeavors have had on the earth since the Industrial Revolution. The new landscapes that have been created and other subjects will be displayed for viewer interpretation. Weekly guest speakers, artist talks and tours and movies are planned. May 4-26, 2019 Alexander Hall, 668 Indian St Savannah, GA. Reception on 6-8pm May 10. Open to public.

2pm – 4pm

Rethink Repair Savannah Workshop

Presented by Film Biz Recycling

Learn how to:

Repair that old lamp
Replace a button or patch a small hole in your favorite jeans
Sharpen your kitchen knives

Let’s get the most use out of the things we buy and learn a life-long skill!

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