Workshop Schedules

Tent One – River Keepers


11:30 am – The Savannah Harbor

Presented by The Savannah River Keepers

A look at what’s currently happening with the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project. What it means for the city of Savannah economically, environmentally, and for the future.

12:30 pm – Watersheds and Basic Hydrology

Presented by The Savannah River Keepers

An introduction into what a watershed is, how actions in one place affect another downriver. Basic hydrology, especially in sandy soils.

1:30 pm – Fisheries

Presented by The Ogeechee River Keepers

Talking through the fisheries of the Savannah and Ogeechee river, anadromous fish, fresh verse saltwater species.

2:30 pm – Wetlands, Marshes, and Spaces in Between

Presented by The Ogeechee River Keepers & The Savannah River Keepers

A discussion of marsh and wetland protections and their purpose. Living shorelines, their uses, and implementation.

Tent Two – Homesteading


11:30 am – Defender of Bees

Presented by Jane Quattlebaum

Bees have become an endangered species and the time is now for us to take action. In this workshop, beekeeper, Jane Quattlebaum will talk about her bees as well as how you can protect them in your yards.

12:30 pm – Composting: Feed the food that feeds you

Presented by Grow-eat-repeat

Minimizing human impact on the environment is a necessity in our world and reducing the amount of organic material that goes to the landfill is the focus of Grow Eat Repeat. We take food scraps and turn them into nutrient-rich soil to grow food that is good for us and our community. Our goal for this workshop is to provide education on how individuals, schools, hotels, and other businesses can reduce their tonnage sent to landfills by diverting their food scraps rough our program. Landfills are expensive, harmful, and they are filling up fast! Composting the organic materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill is our solution and we understand it’s not a new concept but still a very important one. Help us in our efforts to feed the food that feeds you.

1:30 pm – Growing Shiitake Mushrooms

Presented by Green Freedom Farms

Our display will communicate the unique ways that mushrooms can save the world. We will be demonstrating how to cultivate shiitake mushrooms using hardwoods such as oak.

2:30 pm – Dispelling the Fear of Snakes!

Presented by Oatland Island Wildlife Center

The fear of snakes is very common and very real for many people even though their fear may be unfounded. Historically snakes have been depicted as evil creatures and loathed as a result. Let’s take a closer look at the myths and misunderstanding regarding these remarkable and very important animals so that the next time you see one, if you don’t scream with glee, at least you will express a knowledgeable appreciation!

Tent Three – Energy Conservation


11:30 am – Electric Cars – An owners perspective?

Presented by Kelly Bringman

Electric car owner and Savannahian shares her families experiences with electric cars. The cars will be on display throughout the festival.

12:30 pm – Clean Green Tips

Presented by Chatham County Cooperative Extension

Clean Green Tips with Chatham County Cooperative Extension: This session will include a demonstration on making your own green cleaning products & recipes will be provided to attendees. Consumer tips on how to make environmentally-conscious decisions will be discussed. Participants will have an opportunity to take our UGA Extension Green Way quiz: What Shade of Green are You?

1:30 pm – Solar Energy 101

Presented by Coastal Solar

Those attending will learn the basics of how residential solar works. They will also learn about the environmental benefits of using solar and potential energy savings.

2:30 pm – Water-Wise Tips for your Life and the Environment

Presented by Water Utility Management

We will be covering household water conservation. Discussion will be about where drinking water comes from and how it gets to your home, why it is so important to conserve water usage, ways to reduce household water usage, and a demonstration on how to check your house for leaks and read your water meter. We will also end the workshop with a talk about water utilities and natural disasters. We will talk about why water service is sometimes interrupted, what we as a utilities company do to prepare and prevent this, and how and why you should be prepared when a hurricane hits.

Tent Four – Gardening


11:30 am – Edible Perennial Plants for the Home Landscape

Presented by Savannah Victory Gardens

Join Savannah Victory Gardens, who will be talking about edible perennials in your landscape that can produce food.

12:30 pm – Companion Planting

Presented by Mixed Greens

The Mixed Greens of Forsyth Farmers’ Market present their 3rd Almanac, “Companion Planting.” The Almanac presents stories from people working together on food projects/community gardens around Savanna

1:30 pm – Elderberry: Grandmother of the Garden

Presented by Georgia’s Lowcountry Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild

This workshop will cover the gifts of the elderberry plant, including growing, health benefits, and recipes. Samples of syrups and other preparations will be available to participants.

2:30 pm – Preserving Food from your Garden

Presented by Chatham County Cooperative Extension

Canning, freezing and drying foods are the three main methods of preserving food. Whether you have a backyard veggie garden or purchase foods from your local farmers’ market, this demonstration will provide you with food safety information to preserve your foods safely. The method you choose to use will depend on whether safe guidelines for that method are available for the particular food you have and which method best suits your needs. This session will provide you the opportunity to learn more about water bath and pressure canning procedures and canning equipment. UGA Cooperative Extension resources, recipes and information about hands-on food preservation workshops will be provided.

Tent Five – Sustainable Connections


11:30 am – The Effects of Fash Fashion on Earth

Presented by House of Strut

Erica Cobb Jarman of House of Strut will be presenting on the effects of fast fashion on our planet and the people who live on it. Erica and her staff are committed to sharing the message that looking stylish can be sustainable.

12:30 pm – Lobbying for our Planet

Presented by Multiple Organizations

Meet the people and organizations that are working to create policy on the city, state and national levels. Find out how you can get involved. Moderated by Paulita Sealove Bennett-Martin of One Hundred Miles. Panel includes:

Concerned Citizen: Phil Odom

The Georgia Conservancy: Charles McMillan

Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary: Vicki Weeks

Oceana: Samantha Siegel

Savannah Bicycle Campaign: John Reid Bennett

Savannah Riverkeeper: Tonya Bonitatibus

1:30 pm – Meet Savannah’s Urban Gardners

Presented by City of Savannah Sustainability Department

Are you interested in gardening? Want to be a part of the local movement to grow food in the city? Are you ready to get your hands dirty ? If the answer is yes, then this is the presentation for YOU! Moderated by Ashely Helmholdt of The City of Savannah’s Sustainability Department, this panel includes some of Savannah’s leaders in urban gardening:

Patricia Richardson: Mixed Greens

Barbara Eaton:  Metro Star

Jesse Rosenblum: Garrison School – Children’s Museum

Janice Banks: Youth for a Cleaner Environment

Albert Strickland: Occugardens.

2:30 pm – Share Your Sa.Ga.

Presented by SCAD Design for Sustainability program

Share Your Sa.Ga. with the Design for Sustainability program at SCAD

SA.GA. is short for Savannah Georgia Students, who will be asking what’s your SA.GA. The idea is for people to imagine their contributions and daily life as a saga worth celebrating and worth sharing. If we all have our own saga to share, when we unite, we are truly making a new saga for Savannah in the 21st century.

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