2019 Earth Day Festival Workshop Application

We are looking for ideas and people for the free workshops at this year’s festival.    If you have a skill or message to share that relates to environmental issues, sustainable lifestyles, health and wellness, wildlife conservation, gardening,  homesteading or anything else that relates to Earth Day, please submit your application.   We will be scheduling workshops in late February.

Thank you!

Workshop Application

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2018 Earth Day Workshops

Tent One – Energy  & Recycling 


11:00 pm – Energy Efficiency with GA Power

Presented by Georgia Power

Georgia Power will present information on how to reduce energy consumption in your home or business. This will help save money and still be comfortable. Brochures and energy saving devices will be on display.

12:00 pm – Waste to Wealth: How to Use the Three R’s (Reducing, Reusing and Recycling) to Your Advantage

Presented by Trevor Hess of Junkluggers of Coastal Empire   

• 7 Steps to Organize Your Home and Start Your New Year Off Right

• 5 Items You Might Not Know Can Be Recycled

• What You Should Know About Recycling Old Appliances

1:00 pm – City Recycling 

Presented by Gene Prevett of the City of Savannah | Sanitation Director’s Office

An overview of the general services that the Sanitation department provides to including:

  •         Recycling
  •         Outreach and Education: Citizen Engagement
  •         What’s new for 2018

2:00 pm – Summer Heat is almost here!

Presented by Bryant Dunn of McCalls HVAC .   

A presentation and conversation on how to have a healthy, comfortable home that saves you money while being environmentally friendly too!

Tent Two – Bees, Snakes, Mermaids and Trash Monsters!


11:00 am – Protect our Pollinators

Presented by Laura Liu of Coastal Empire Beekeeping Association 

Honey bees, native bees and all types of pollinators’ welfare are in our hands. Without them we won’t have the fruits, nuts and veggies we enjoy.  Discover how we can help them as responsible urbanites.

12:00 pm – Dispelling the Fear of Snakes!

Presented by Oatland Island Wildlife Center

The fear of snakes is very common and very real for many people even though their fear may be unfounded. Historically snakes have been depicted as evil creatures and loathed as a result. Let’s take a closer look at the myths and misunderstanding regarding these remarkable and very important animals so that the next time you see one, if you don’t scream with glee, at least you will express a knowledgeable appreciation!

1:00 pm – Miraculous Miranda the Mermaid

Presented by Talisa White of Miss Southeast Earth United States/ Eco Ambassadors

Join Miraculous Miranda the Mermaid as she teaches you about the importance of water conservation and how the actions you take at home effect her and her friends at her home. The workshop is fun and is delivered in a way both children and adults can understand. Learn how water pollution harms wildlife and how to keep waterways clean.

2:00 pm – Trash Monsters

Presented by Krystal Skolosis of The Revival Society 

Meet the artists who built the giant interactive sculpture from plastic water bottles and talk about their trash monsters.  The Revival Society have been traveling to local schools to educate kids on sustainable design. They worked with over 14 different classes with kids ranging from pre-school to 8th grade.

Tent Three – Gardening


11:00 am – Basic DIY Mushroom Cultivation and Composting

Presented by Robert Kiser of C-Port Mushrooms

Learn the basics about mushrooms, how to grow them, and how to use them to enhance your compost!

12:00 pm – Grow Your Own Food Year Round with Hydroponics

Presented by Andrew Morris of Savannah Hydroponics & Organics  

A discussion about the importance of healthy, home-grown food and how you can achieve it. Participants of all skill levels will learn tips on how to grow a garden in any season.  Let us demystify the science behind different growing techniques including hydroponic and organic methods.

1:00 pm – Permaculture Gardening 101

Presented by  Victory Gardens

This workshop will cover the basics of how to create an ecological vegetable garden, orchard or landscape using permaculture.  We will cover materials and techniques to create and maintain an organic garden without the use of pesticides and other harsh chemicals.

2:00 pm – Breaking down the pallets

Presented by Stephen Langford of E. 34 Greenhouse

Learn the basics to DIY building with pallets.  By following simple steps -you can end up with great wood pieces for your home or garden.

Tent Four –   Healthy Choices


11:00 am – 50 Ways to Save the Planet without Leaving your Kitchen

Presented by Chef Amber Marie of Clean Cuisine

Practical (and often small) changes that anyone can make to create a healthier body and a cleaner environment, including ideas for shopping smarter, eating better, and handling waste as ethically as possible.

12:00 pm – A Tea Primer – Unlocking the Power of Tea

Presented by Peter Brodhead of Brighter Day Natural Market
This will be an overview about Tea – for taste, health and medicine. How to brew perfect tea – best temperatures for different types. We will give a primer on all the different types of green teas – their different qualities. A handout will be included – that will be full of practical tips on making a perfect tea

1:00 pm -Wild Medicinal Mushrooms

Presented by Marty Colvin of Green Freedom Farms

Workshop will cover wild medicinal mushrooms that are found locally and their health benefits.

2:00 pm – Zero Waste Clean Food Choices

Presented by Carla Golden of Palmetto Plant Eaters  and Lowcountry VegFest

Carla will showcase which human food choices create the least waste and the least water, land, air, and bodily pollution.

3:00 pm – Alchemystic

Presented by Thailia Chee of Alchemystics

Thaila will show you  how to create herbal elixirs using the medicinal properties of locally grown and harvested plants and herbs.

Student Workshop Tent

This year will be the first year to have workshops especially for students. We are partnering with Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah and Burton 4-H to offer an afternoon of environmental education.    Presentations begin at 11:30.

All ages are welcome to participate.


SOS solutions (Save Our Seas)

Presented by: Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah

Reporting of the findings from their cafeteria study of plastic bags and ziploc bag usage from one day at school, single use plastics to include straws and plastic films and the alternative measures one can do.


From Compost to Critters

Presented by Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island, UGA Cooperative Extension

Learn how we transition compost waste into growing the food supply for our terrestrial turtles and the natural  benefits of home composting practices. Discover how you can compost at home and provide sustainable food sources for your plants and pets.


Trash Talk

Presented by: Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah

A discussion about the waste we create and how to handle it.


The Last Straw!

Presented by Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island, UGA Cooperative Extension

Learn the global impact of plastic straws to our oceans and beaches and the effects they have on our beaches, oceans and marine animals. Find out what you can do to help save sea turtles, too!


What’s the difference between Turtles & Tortoises?

Presented by: Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah

A discussion about terrapin turtles and gopher tortoises and their importance to our habitat.


Spanish Moss Mythbuster  

Presented by: Owen Mercer

Presentation to address the myths and truths concerning Spanish Moss.    He covers, in his entire presentation, three myths, but has explored many others and is willing to speak to people about many misconceptions concerning this coastal plant.   


The mission of the Oatland Wildlife Leaders (O.W.L) teen program is to provide students with an opportunity to increase and share their knowledge of animals and the environment while gaining valuable volunteer experience in a wildlife center setting. Throughout the program, we aim to teach Oatland’s mission, have students gain a deeper understanding about wildlife and conservation, learn about our animal collection, engage in an important Community Environmental Action Project and participate in informal educational presentations (Discovery Carts).

Online Workshop Application 

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